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The Left: a source of political change…or more of the same?

The left claims it wants to tackle inequality, poverty and excess at the top; but what sort of change do the people want?


“The Triumph of Nationalism” or “The Failure of the Centre”?: how should we understand the changes in western politics?

What is the real nature of western nationalism?

Zena’s Global Society: an American’s views on Brexit, Trump, identity politics, and the need for political reform

Like many people in the west, Zena feels let down by politics and wants to build her own theory for world economics. But what can she offer people that politicians cannot?

Labour’s “Election Footing” wrong-footed: the Lessons Labour needs to Learn from Copeland

Numerous explanations were offered for Labour's defeat in the Copeland by-election. The question for Labour now is how they prevent more seats like Copeland being lost, but does the leadership have the answers?

A Tale of Two Referenda

Is the cause of Scottish Nationalism relevant post-Brexit?

No Iconoclasm in Labour’s “Broad Church”

Labour prides itself on being a political "broad church". But is this accolade endangered by the present leadership, and what are Labour MPs doing about it?

Charging Cavalry or a Trojan Horse?

How do centrist Labour MPs react to Corbyn's re-election and the possibility of de-selection?

The Partition of the Labour Party?

Can Labour "learn from history" or will it "let history repeat itself"?

Decision Time

Theresa May faces some of the toughest inheritance of any recent Prime Minister. But is there an electoral silver lining?

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